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Key Largo Dive Trip 2017

At the end of June I was able to spend a week in Key Largo diving at the Florida Keys Marine Sanctuary. It was a rough week due to the weather, wind and waves. Lots of people got seasick on the dive boats (but not me!). Dive trips from Sunday afternoon to Wednesday morning were cancelled due to high winds and five to eight foot waves.

So I had a couple days to relax and do other activities. I took a short course at Rainbow Reef Dive Center to get my PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider certification. It was a fantastic course and I think learned a valuable new skill that could help later if i take the rescue diver course.

During the trip I had several memorable sea life encounters and even got video footage of a few of them. Read the full article with photos.

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Kayaking at Grafton Pond

These photos are from a June 10th kayaking trip to Grafton Pond in Grafton, NH. I went with some people from a local meetup.com group. We met at the boat landing at 5am. It was calm and the water was like glass. We got to enjoy the red skies of a beautiful sun rise. A family of Canada Geese came over for a vist as we were getting our gear together at the boat landing. Later during the trip I was lucky enough to have some loons surface from a dive right next to my kayak. Click the photos to see the Album on Google Photos.

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