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Return to Blueberry Mt.
Blueberries on Blueberry Mt.

On September 5th, 2016 we returned to Blueberry Mt. What a big difference from our April hike. Everything was lush and green. And we found lots of ripe blueberries!

This time we went past the summit and over the other side to a lookout with a view towards Mt. Moosilauke. Just off of the main trail we found a rocky area with a great view to have snack, relax and enjoy the view.  As luck would have it, our rest spot was surrounded by blueberries.

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Software Training

Software Training Services

The software training workshops can either be taken online at your own pace or during an live online meeting.

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Microsoft OneNote is a digital note taking application. In addition to typed notes, users can include graphics and screenshots along with typed content. Like traditional paper notes, content can be organized into “notebooks” and grouped with tab dividers, pages and a sub-pages. Unlike paper notes, content can easily be re-organized at any time. Notes can easily be shared with others for collaborative projects. Quickly learn the basics in this workshop and start using OneNote today.


  • What is OneNote
  • Launching OneNote and touring the interface
  • Vocabulary
  • How to Use OneNote
  • How to Create a OneNote Notebook
  • Tags
  • Dock to Desktop
  • Linked Notes
  • Demonstration & Exercise: Comparison Shopping Review

Price: Free Sample

Access Code: 8D69C-DVGPK

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Learn how styles can be used to format document faster than traditional direct formatting. Styles help you maintain consistent formatting that is easier and faster to change at a later time. Learn how styles and themes enable you to change the entire look of a document with a few click of the mouse button.

"Word is designed to be used with Styles. In fact, Styles are the very foundation of Word."

Read more about the advantages of using styles in my LinkedIn Pulse article titled, "Understand Styles to Understand Word".


  • Text Formatting
  • Line and Paragraph Spacing
  • The Show/Hide Button
  • Exploring the benefits of Microsoft Word styles
  • Demonstration & Exercise: Apply built-in Styles
  • Themes
  • Demonstration & Exercise: Edit a Microsoft Word Style
  • Demonstration & Exercise: Show and use hidden styles
  • How to create a Microsoft Word style
  • Review

Price: Free

Access Code: 3PJJS-C5J8K

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Formula and Functions are one of Excel's most powerful features. Learn to write both simple and complex formula. Discover how functions can help you do tasks like calculating loan payments and calculating totals based on specific conditions.


  • Vocabulary
  • Cell Reference
  • Solving Real Life Problems with Excel
  • Simple Formula
  • Complex Formula
  • Functions
  • SUMIF Function
  • COUNTIFS and SUMIFS Function
  • Nested Functions
  • Loan Payments with the PMT Function
  • Text Functions

Price: Free Sample

Access Code: TNC2T-6JH9B

Copy the Access Code and click on the Instructions Tab to register and access the workshop.

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Formatting can make your data easier to read giving your work a more professional look. Learn best practices for laying out and formatting an Excel worksheet. Find out how correct layout allows you to take advantage of Excel’s data analysis features. Discover how conditional formatting can improve data analysis allowing you to quickly see trends and patterns.

Read more about conditional formatting in my LinkedIn Pulse titled, "Excel Conditional Formatting and Sparklines"


  • Why Layout Matters
  • Direct Formatting
  • Apply Cell Styles
  • Edit Cell Styles
  • Tables Styles
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Page Layout
  • Printing Workbooks

Price: Free

Access Code: QVNJC-9SWX3

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Microsoft Excel has some powerful features for sorting and filtering data. Sorting and filtering skills will help you quickly find and edit data in addition to improving your data analysis abilities. Students will also learn the mechanics of applying sorts and filters to data tables.


  • Presentation: Layout Matters
  • Sorting Data
  • Demonstration & Exercise: Sorting Data
  • Filtering Data
  • Demonstration & Exercise: Filter Data
  • Demonstration & Exercise: Filter Data by Date
  • Demonstration & Exercise: Text Filters
  • Review

Price: Free

Access Code: 3XC3R-WK29D

Video Lessons

Most lessons include video tutorials. Bullet points below the video summarize the main concepts from the video lesson. Some of the videos are made by me specifically for the workshop. Others are free YouTube tutorials from quality channels like Lynda.com or GCFLearnFree.org.


Workshops include a vocabulary list with definitions followed by a vocabulary review quiz. Students match the terms to the definitions.

Demonstration & Exercise

Workshops include video demonstations followed by a student exercise. Students complete the same task that is demonstrated in the video.

Ask Questions

Students with questions can either post a question to the Updates Page or send an email to the instructor.

Final Review Quiz

The final review quiz has questions that cover the major concepts introduced during the workshop.

Student Grades

Student can easily see the results of review quizes and the Final Review Quiz for each workshop.

Login and Enrollment Instructions

Once you have the access code vist the Schoology Website and follow the instructions below.

New Students & Schoology Users

New users to Schoology will create a free student account while submitting the access code for the course. Below the orange button is a link that says, Have an Access Code? Click Here.

Select Student at the next screen.

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