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Winter Hike up Smarts Mt.

Last November I went with a small group to the summit of Smarts Mt. in Lyme, NH. It was a memorable hike due to the number of bear tracks we passed and a spectacular view from the fire tower on the summit. Read the full article with photos.

Bear track
View from the Firetower on Smarts Mt.

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Kayaking at Grafton Pond

These photos are from a June 10th kayaking trip to Grafton Pond in Grafton, NH. I went with some people from a local meetup.com group. We met at the boat landing at 5am. It was calm and the water was like glass. We got to enjoy the red skies of a beautiful sun rise. A family of Canada Geese came over for a vist as we were getting our gear together at the boat landing. Later during the trip I was lucky enough to have some loons surface from a dive right next to my kayak. Click the photos to see the Album on Google Photos.

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