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Squadron of Spotted Eagle Rays

I had many fantastic wildlife encounters during my July 2018 trip to Key Largo, Florida. One of the best was the squadron of Spotted Eagle Rays that our diving group encountered near Permit Ledge on Molasses Reef.

Previous to this I had seen groups of 3 or 4 together but this was by far the largest squadron I have ever seen.

The Florida Museum of Natural History tells us,

"The spotted eagle ray is commonly observed in bays and over coral reefs as well as the occasional foray into estuarine habitats. Although it occurs in inshore waters to depths of approximately 200 feet (60 m), the spotted eagle ray spends most of its time swimming in schools in open water. In open waters, spotted eagle rays often form large schools and swim close to the surface."

The Florida Museum of Natural History website article (quoted above) about the Spotted Eagle Ray is one of the better sources of information that I have found. Read the full Blog article with video.

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Brownsville VT

Summit of Mt. Mooilauke


View towards Franconia Ridge

Hiking to Mt. Moosilauke

Back at the end of October 2017 I went with a Meetup.com group to the summit of Mt. Moosilaukle in Warren, NH. It's one of my favorites hikes in the area.

Earlier in the fall Dartmough College had just finished construction of the new Moosilakue Ravine Lodge. This was my first opportunity to see it since it was finished. I must say, I was very impressed. It's a beautiful place!

One of the best events of the day was on they way down a group of young hikers were giving halloween candy to people. I got a small bag on M&M's! The chocolate tasted even better since I was hiking (and needed it more).

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